About Craiasa



CRĂIASA (“princess” in the Romanian language) is the expression of a core idea that inspires us in all we do: every woman is and should be treated as a princess.

We could talk about the way we choose a handful of precious fabrics from thousands of samples gathered from France and Italy, or about the way we passionately study our design sketches days on end, or the way in which our master tailors cut, sew, make and remake on a constant basis every big or small piece of our creations until the final product is seen, reseen, created and recreated to perfection.

When you choose to wear CRĂIASA, all of these will be just small details in a much more important story: your story. Our dresses will not write your story, but they will surely tell it to the world.

You are CRĂIASA! What story are you going to tell the world about yourself today?



Our Vision

We believe that every woman expresses her originality, style and values through the way she chooses to dress. Our designs capture this belief and speak about the marvel we see in women. CRĂIASA is meant to create a unique perspective on fashion, beauty and lifestyle for women all around the world.

Our vision is so much more than just creating outstanding clothing. The world of fashion is so vast and the choices are so many, like a galaxy full of stars. And stars are meant to shine. When you wear CRĂIASA, you are set to shine in your own unique and exceptional way.

Why? Because CRĂIASA is about highlighting your true self and individuality over common trends designed for mass consumption. You shine brighter when you shine from within!

We want to change perceptions and give you an empowering influence, a new voice above the trends that tells you what to wear, what you should look like, how much to reveal and what attractiveness really is. 

We aim to offer a premium, modern and inspirational perspective on modest dressing: princess by design, elegant by choice. Every woman is and should be treated as a princess. But the choice of elegance is an attitude that reflects itself in the way you dress.

We are passionate to show everyone that any woman can shine in the right dress, with the right attitude, by marrying a modest silhouette with the perfect modern flairs. Making your own, sensible, modest fashion choices is smart, liberating, chic and more attractive!



Our Customers

Have you ever searched for long hours, days, months for the perfect dress for an event?

Have you ever sighed when you found a potential dress that was oh-so-stylish, but not comfortable enough? Oh-so-fancy, but not decent enough? Oh-so-beautiful, but not practical enough? A smart design, but carelessly made or a low quality material? 

We feel you. That is why we started CRĂIASA.

We design for women anywhere in the world, women who love the freedom to express their originality, style and values through the way they choose to dress.

Women who are stylish, informed, intelligent and empowered.  

Women who delight in their femininity and abound in gracefulness. 

Women who want to reveal more of their spirit and mind, than of their bodies. 

Women who are not only respected for their fashion choices, but also celebrated and followed. 

Women who not only rise above the trends when the trends go against their values, but women who can set new trends based on real values. 

You will feel confident and empowered. Because you are different, You are CRĂIASA! 

Wherever you go, you have the ability to influence others and to make a difference through your life story! Our dress will not write it for you, but will surely tell it to the world… what story do you want to tell the world about you today?


Our Design Approach

Our design approach celebrates classic elegance, femininity, gracefulness, comfort, modesty, versatility, simplicity.


Our dresses are designed in a way that gives femininity the center stage. We always strive to highlight the essence of the feminine spirit through our choices of fabrics and tailoring.


Grace is a mindset that we want to empower in women that wear our creations. All our designs point to this timeless attitude of beauty, power and fragility.


We aim to embody a perfect blend of elegance and comfort in each piece. 

    • Pockets are a must have for a smart, practical outfit. Whenever possible, our dresses feature hidden or stylized pockets.
    • We think luxury is about simplicity, comfort, ease of use. Our body is the only one able to tell us if we like a dress or not. If it’s hard to use, it’s hard to like. If it constraints our movements, it doesn’t free our personality. Our dresses are perfectly crafted to make you feel as comfortable as possible.


Our version of elegance includes the powerful personal choice of how much you want to reveal. We cherish our bodies, our femininity, our life story, our values. We think revealing more of our spirit and mind, than of our bodies, is liberating, it’s chic, smart and more attractive. So marrying modest silhouettes with modern flair and utmost elegance, we want to give you plenty of style options to choose from for all your events.


    • We love to create trans-seasonal pieces that can help shift your wardrobe from the cold to the warm season and vice versa, or, why not, be perfect all year round. 
    • We love classic designs on smart fabrics, that can be the right choice for anything from an evening soiree, to a lunch conference, or a fancy wedding, be it a daytime or evening reception. 
    • We love plain fabrics that don’t unnecessarily complicate your style, this way making accessorizing a pleasure. 


Our Ethics

  • 100% Romanian (locally designed and produced). You support Romanian jobs by purchasing our creations
  • 100% compliant with local and international laws
  • Slow Fashion – We build high quality long lasting dresses that you could wear for a long time and never go out of style.
  • Ethical Fashion – We only employ high skilled workers which are fairly remunerated and are working in a great environment that honours their craft.


Our Services

  • Size Guide to help you choose the right size or provide us with your correct measurements 
  • Free Size Customization
  • Free Design Customization, where possible
  • Free Shipping
  • Easy Returns / Free Return for standard size
  • Secure Online Payment 
  • Personal Assistant by Appointment


Our Product Quality

  • Original design
  • Premium fabrics from Italy, France, Spain
  • Premium lining – Cupro Bemberg (Italy)
  • Professional, top industry equipment
  • Professional, highly experienced team